Goal Achieved

After months of trial and error, we have finally accomplished the goal that we had set for ourselves from the beginning of the project: we charged a cell phone by pedaling a bike.  This goal seemed far fetched and possibly out of our reach from the time we started our project, but we persevered and learned through our mistakes that the road to innovation is a difficult and testing process.

From our last trial, we found out a few more pieces of information.  The first thing that we learned that we could mount a generator into the wood.  Using a one and three quarter inch fosterer bit and wrapping tape around the generator, we could attach it to the mounted generator.  The other thing we learned was that our spindle was inadequate.  Being naive, we thought that we could use the same method of a wooden spindle in the new trial to create something that was straighter and more durable.  To our disappointment, this was not the case. Furthermore, we learned that we wanted an enclosed system to give our design a more professional look.  Also, with the our prototype, Neil had to sacrifice two pencils to keep the wheel from destroying the generator because there was nothing holding the opposite side of the spindle.  With all these adherences in mind, we executed the changes in the new design.


ImageImage Cool Design on Cover


As can be seen, we added a nail on the opposite side of the generator in order to keep the spindle on. Also, we found that it was more effective to have the nail protrude from the spindle into the mount than the mount protrude from the spindle.

In this demonstration, however, we decided to leave the stand open so that the internal design could be seen with the wires as well as the tire spinning.  As can be seen, we have removed the front tire of a bike and mounted the bike using different blocks in order lift the back wheel off the ground.  This allows for the spinning of the spindle.

So, now we have our improved design.  We have a generator inserted into the middle of a block of wood.  The block of wood is mounted to our box, so now we can spin the generator with out having to manually hold it in place making it more stable.  We have constructed a wooden spindle that spins our generator when the bike tire spins.  We can sufficiently generate an electric current by spinning the generator.  All that we need to do is harness the current.

To do this, all that is needed is wires with alligator clips on the end.  The alligator clips hold the wires in place as well as transfer the current.  We attached our own alligator clips from the generator to a 12 dc volt car charger in order to charge our phone.  This is perfect because the generator spits out 12dc volts and our charger uses the same power.  Could it really be this simple to charge a phone by pedaling a bike?


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